Backpacks and Belt Bags

1 item

Backpacks and belt bags with a difference, made from ethnic, vintage, and/or hand embroidered fabrics. Functional and stunning.

handbags shoulder bags


18 items

Ethnic, vintage, and boho handbags and shoulder bags. Timeless colourful statement pieces for all occasions.

bed covers sheets wall hanging throw

Bedcovers and Tapestries

10 items

Cotton bed covers from India. Gorgeous designs and intricate handwork. Use them as bedspread, sheets, wall hanging, or throw to...

bells mobiles windchimes

Bells & Mobiles

8 items

Liven up your home and garden with the soothing sound of brass bells, the gentle clatter of wind chimes catching...

belt bum bag waistpack

Belt Bags

1 item

Whether you call them belt, bum, hip bags or waistpacks, one thing is clear: they are super handy for festivals,...

gift books

Books & Affirmations

31 items

Beautiful thoughts. insights and advice. Inspirational pictures and quotes. These books, inspirational cards, journals, notebooks, bookmarks etc, make the perfect...



10 items

All ethically sourced. So many styles: harem pants, Aladdin pants, festival skirts, organic bamboo and cotton leggings, naga pants. No...


Brass / Silver Plated Brass

55 items

Brass has been used since ancient times to make intricate and stunning jewellery. Skilfully handcrafted treasures in plain brass, silver-plated,...

brass nad silver-plated anklets

Brass Anklets

3 items

Nothing says summer like an anklet. Handmade in brass or silver-plated brass in intricate designs with fun dangling charms.

brass bangles and bracelets

Brass Bracelets and Bangles

22 items

Brass and silver-plated brass has been used since ancient times to make intricate and stunning jewellery. Like these attractive bangles...

silver plated brass stone earrings

Brass Earrings

17 items

Skilfully handcrafted earrings in plain brass, silver-plated, or with stones. Simply stunning pieces with intricate designs and your favourite crystal.

brass silver plated necklace chain

Brass Necklaces

2 items

Brass has been used since ancient times to make intricate and stunning jewellery. Skilfully handcrafted necklaces and chains in plain brass...

brass pendants

Brass Pendants

12 items

Brass and silver-plated brass jewellery in intricate designs has been handmade since ancient times. The tradition lives on and these...

brass rings

Brass Rings

52 items

These brass rings are skilfully handmade. Some combined with copper and white metal. With Buddhist symbols or with intricate rope...



27 items

Quality candles for every occasion.

ceramics knobs


5 items

Hand-painted ceramics from India: beautiful designs and vibrant colours to add exotic touches to your interior.

costume jewellery himalayan trading post


30 items

Handmade glass beads, tassels, feathers, vintage fabrics, macramé, crochet. The technics and materials for making our costume jewellery are endless...

costume jewellery anklets

Costume Anklets

11 items

Nothing says summer like a pretty anklet. Handmade fun in the sun!

costume bracelets

Costume Bracelets

23 items

Colourful glass beads, stone chips, tassels, charms, and bells. You can never have too many bracelets. Wear them for friendship...

costume earrings

Costume Earrings

4 items

Handmade costume earrings. Glass beads, intricate macramé, feathers, stunning colours. These deserve a close-up look. Chose a smaller pair in...

Costume Necklaces

Costume Necklaces

4 items

Handmade necklaces. Glass beads, tassels, feathers, vintage fabrics, macramé, crochet. The technics and materials for making our costume jewellery are...



46 items

Pendulums, pendants, mala beads. Crystals have been used since ancient times for health, well-being, and meditation.

cushion covers

Cushion and Pouffe Covers

4 items

Cushion covers are a great way to update your room with a splash of colour, the texture of ethnic fabrics,...

dalai lama quotes

Dalai Lama Quotes

1 item

Beautiful Dalai Lama quotes on love, peace, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness. For those who wish to be inspired and live a...

Dharma Books

Dharma Books

61 items

Click here to view our great range of Buddhism and Dharma books, from the teaching of Buddhism to happiness and...

door wall hanging

Door Hangings

1 item

Bring some colour into your home with handmade door hangings. They also look great in the window, as a wall...

dream catchers

Dream Catchers

15 items

Dreamcatchers are traditionally used to protect you from bad dreams while good dreams pass through and gently slide down the...

cotton dress


29 items

Our soft cotton dresses and pinafores are ethically made in India, Nepal and Thailand. Beautiful colours and styles, perfect for...

dungarees and jumsuits

Dungarees and Jumpsuits

13 items

Elegant jumpsuits, boho dungarees, playful playsuits, summer suits, overalls for every season. Easy to wear styles that feel good and...

essential and aroma oils

Essential & Aroma Oils

90 items

Enhance your well-being with essential oils or enrich the ambiance with aroma oils. Just add a drop (or more) to the...

Tibetan Buddhist hand held prayer wheels

Hand Held Prayer Wheels

4 items

Prayer wheels are found all over Tibet. Hand held wheels are the most common and Tibetan peoples carry them around...

Hats and Beanies

Hats and Beanies

29 items

We love a good hat, or cap, or beanie! Hand made from cotton, hemp, wool. They protect from the sun...

headbands hairband


14 items

Headbands: control your hair, feel comfortable, add colour, bohemian style, festival vibes, vintage look, need we say more!


Himalayan Salt Lamps

4 items

Salt lamps are hewn from the solid salt deposits in the foothills of the Himalayas. They are believed to have...



4 items

Hoodies: easy styles, cool fabrics, funky prints, kangaroo pockets. Tops and dresses just look better with a hood!



59 items

The best quality Tibetan, Indian and Japanese incense. Original recipes, natural, mostly hand-rolled, and using the finest ingredients.

incense holder burner

Incense Holders

29 items

Handcrafted incense holders for burning your favourite incense for ritual, meditation or sweet scents.

indian hand rolled insense sticks

Indian Incense

27 items

Natural heavenly scents from the finest producers of hand rolled incense in India.

kimonos and jackets


9 items

Kimonos and jackets, beautiful fabrics, hand embroidered, block printed, short, long: add colour and texture when you need to cover...

japanese incense

Japanese Incense

15 items

Japanese incense sticks are made out of a paste of natural resins, herbs and flowers without a bamboo stick. It...

keyrings and bag clips

Keyrings & Bag Clips

Brighten up your life with the most vivid keyrings and bag clips. Ethnic, boho,tassels, beads, bells, pompoms, dreamcatchers, elephants: if...

ethical eco toys decorations


10 items

Ethically produced eco toys and decorations. Felted from New Zealand wool in Nepal. Magical fairy pencils from Fairy Land. Ethnic...

leggings yoga


1 item

Super comfortable and a great look. Soft organic bamboo and cotton. Leggings are not just for yoga!

mala beads buddhist prayer beads

Mala Beads

25 items

Buddhist prayer beads or mala are traditionally used to count mantra recitations, prostrations, breaths while meditating, or repetitions of the...

massage tools himalayan trading post

Massage Tools

6 items

From x-shaped, to winged to jade or rose quartz ball wooden massage tools. Use them to improve blood circulation and for...

natural remedies kawakawa balm

Natural Remedies

6 items

Remedies inspired by traditional natural practices. New Zealand Kawakawa, Comfrey, Manuka Honey. Let the plants do the healing.



8 items

Write your diary, draw your life or give the perfect gift. Handmade paper, crafted out of cotton, block printed by...

harem pants aladdin lounge trousers


28 items

So many ways to cover your undercarriage, from lounge trousers to harem pants to Aladdin styles for comfortable everyday wear...

Pendulums and Crystals

Pendulums and Crystals

51 items

Pendulums can bring guidance, awareness and understanding. For clarity, spirituality or matters of the heart: choose the crystal with the...



15 items

Stay cosy with an easy throw on poncho. Warm wool or soft brushed cotton, elegant plain or brightly patterned; there...

tibetan buddhist prayer flags

Prayer Flags

5 items

Prayer Flags are inscribed with auspicious symbols, invocations, prayers, and mantras. Tibetan Buddhists for centuries have hung these flags outside their...

tibetan buddhist prayer wheel

Prayer Wheels

13 items

Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheels are turned clockwise to release the prayers and mantras that are rolled up inside it into...



10 items

From vintage fabrics to hadn felted to bohemian cutwork, fun and pretty purses to add colour to your life.



4 items

Wrap it around your waist, wear it as a dress, use it as a scarf, drape it as a shawl,...



A beautiful scarf adds warmth, colour and texture to any outfit. Scarves are versatile too: drape nonchalantly around your neck,...



Cuddle up, cover, drape: shawls are the best hug. Skilfully woven, beautiful colours, designs and patterns.

shawls scarves wraps

Shawls & Scarves

11 items

Skilfully woven, beautiful designs and patterns. Ethically sourced shawls and scarves from India, Nepal and Thailand. Perfect for every occasion.

Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls

2 items

Tibetan singing bowls are handmade and said to help with healing and ease stress. The soothing sounds and beautiful nature...

boho festival wrap organic skirts


10 items

Mini, short, mid length, maxi, wrap, festival, boho or organic skirts. We’ll have one of each!


Soaps, Deodorants & Shampoo Bars

3 items

Natural soaps, deodorants, and shampoo bars; great for body and soul, and kind to the enviroment. Enjoy the beautiful scents of...

sterling silver stone set rings

Stering Stone Rings

17 items

Whether you like simple designs or statement pieces, plain silver or stone set, everyone deserves at least one handmade sterling...

sterling silver earrings

Sterling Earrings

3 items

Ornately designed, simple or statement. Handmade sterling silver earrings have a timeless beauty.

sterling silver pendants

Sterling Pendants

9 items

Handmade sterling silver pendants come in all wonderful shapes and sizes. Plain silver designs, a stunning stone in a simple...

stone set sterling rings

Sterling Rings

11 items

Whether you like simple designs or statement pieces, everyone deserves at least one handmade sterling silver ring.

sterling silver jewellery

Sterling Silver

46 items

Skilfully handcrafted ethically sourced sterling jewellery. Exquisite traditional and modern designs, stone settings with the most beautiful crystals. A treasure...

sterling silver studs earrings

Sterling Studs

7 items

Sterling silver studs, small treasures, hand crafted meaningful designs, subtle earrings with timeless beauty.

stone set sterling silver earrings

Stone Set Earrings

1 item

Handcrafted stone set earrings have a timeless beauty. Beautiful, meaningful and healing crystals. Ornately designed, simple or statement. 

Tibetan Buddhist table top prayer wheels

Table Top Prayer Wheels

9 items

Spinning a prayer wheel is believed to bless the environment, distribute divine blessings, alter bad luck into that which is...

tibetan temple bells dorje tingsha

Tibetan Bells

3 items

Tibetan bells with their crisp sound are traditionally used in Buddhist rituals. Nowadays they are, together with singing bowls, also...

tibetan furniture alter puja table shrine boxes

Tibetan Furniture

2 items

Small furniture hand carved and painted with traditional Tibetan motifs and colours by skilled Tibetan craftsmen in Nepal. Alter and...

tibetan incense sticks

Tibetan Incense

12 items

Ethical trading Hand Rolled Tibetan incense, this incense is prepared by hand from Tibetan herbs that grow in the Himalayas, entirely natural...

cotton tops


36 items

Ethically sourced shirts, kurtas, tunics, waistcoats, tank tops, singlets, kimono tops, the whole shebang! Moslty made of cotton: we try...

shirts kurtas tunics tops

Tops and Shirts

36 items

Shirts and kurtas, strap tops and tunics. Woven cotton, embroidery, gorgeous prints, beautiful colours: it is easy to brighten up...

waistcoats vests


2 items

Our boho waistcoats look great as a summer or festival top, or as a vest to add colour to any...