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Buddhism and Tantric Meditation

Buddhism and Tantric Meditation


"Introduction to Buddhism" is intended for beginners interested in this subject. The first half is an excerpt from the Dalai Lama's book "My Land and My People." The section incorporated is the appendix entitled "An Outline of Buddhism in Tibet." Concise notes expounding the significance of the Refuge, the Law of Karma and its fruits, Trishiksha and Bodhichitta have been added. The fundamental points of Buddhist practice expounded upon in this text can be readily applied by the reader to daily life. 
In the section entitled, "A Tantric Meditation" the Dalai Lama gives the reader the opportunity to find out about the practice of Tantra without the necessity of receiving prior empowerment. It provides a simple description of visualization, recitation of the traditional seven branch rite, recitation of mantras, and dissolution of the visualized meditational deities into emptiness. If it is performed with faith this meditation can be a source of great mental purification and merit.


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