Goloka Essential Oil 10ml
  • Goloka Essential Oil 10ml
  • Goloka Essential Oil 10ml
  • Goloka Essential Oil 10ml

Goloka Essential Oil 10ml


Just add a drop (or more) to the water in your oil burner or diffuser for instant effect.

Basil – (Ocimum basilicum) – Invigorating, good for clearing mind/aiding concentration: especially when tired. Ideal after a stressful day.

Bergamot - (Citrus bergamia) - Relaxing, refreshing, uplifting and pleasing aroma.

Bay Leaf – (Laurus nobilis) – Creates a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Rejuvenates and soothes the mind. Natural antiseptic. Clears thought and enhances mood.

Calamus – (Acorus calamus) – Effective tranquilizer. Helps in treating insomnia.

Cardamom – (Elattaria cadamorhum) – Stimulating, warm, sweet, spicy fresh cardamom, relaxing aroma after a hectic day.

Celery Seeds – (Apium graveolens) – Natural stimulant. Excellent mosquito repellent.

Cinnamon – (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) – Stimulating, warm, spicy, ideal room fragrance. Blends well with orange & clove.

Cloves - (Eugenia cayophyllata) - Repels insects, blends well with Orange and Cinnamon.  Has a warm and spicy aroma.

Ginger - stimulating and warming. It can enhance concentration and it can soothe and reduce feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety, lethargy, agitation, dizziness, and fatigue.

Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) - Mildest and most effective of all essential oils, helps to restore balance and encourages sleep and relaxation.

Lemon – (Citrus limonum) – Refreshing, uplifting, antiseptic, tonuic. Cleansing properties. Creates a fresh and energetic atmosphere.

Nutmeg – (Myristica fragrans) – Stimulating, warm, sweet, spicy aroma. Stimulates imagination and dreams. Creates a warm atmosphere.

Orange (Citrussinensis) - Soothing, uplifting, warm and jolly.  Encourages sleep when vaporized in blends.

Palmarosa - Fights fatigue and nervousness. Uplifting effect on the mind.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) - Antiseptic, powerful disinfectant.  Useful cleaning agent.

Ylang Ylang – (Cananga odorata) – Incduces relaxed feeling. Elevates mood, Antidepressant.

Made in India

For external use only - not for medicinal use

Each bottle is 10 ml and packaged in a natural cardboard box

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