Indian Buddhist Pundits

Indian Buddhist Pundits


Indian Buddhist Pundits

from "Jewel Garland of Buddhist History"

Translated by Lobsang N. Tsonawa

Indian Buddhist Pundits, describing the life and work of the major Buddhist Masters of Ancient India, translated from the second volume of The Jewel Garland od Buddhist History, compiled by the Tibetan Masters, will surely serve as an inspiration to all the students and scholars of the Buddhist philosophy. Between the covers of this slim volume, the reader is offered glimpses of the courage, compassion, dedication and the devotion with which luminous Buddhist Masters like Nāgārjuna, Āryadeva, Asaṅga, Chandrakīrti, Śāntideva, Śāntirakṣita and Dharmakīrti, tec. Upheld the Buddhist philosophy and contributed to its enrichment and propagation. Above all, this volume offers a well-abridged biography of the beloved Atiśa, the Indian Buddhist Master, who arrested the decline and fall of Buddhism in Tibet and revived it once again with its chief disciple Dromtonpa.

Pages: 150

ISBN: 81-85102-42-2

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