Nagarjuna's Letter

Nagarjuna's Letter


N��g��rjuna's Letter

Commentary by Venerable Rendawa, Zh��-nu Lo-dr��,146 pages

For centuries, Dharma students have traditionally studied "N��g��rjuna's Letter to a" for it provides a concise and thorough introduction to the entire Buddhist path practice. By examining the Four Noble Truths and the Six Perfections, Nagarjuna describes logically and poetically the internal patterns of experience which leads a person to buddhahood.

N��g��rjuna wrote this letter to his friend King Satavahana in order to alert him to the worldly impurities, especially in discharging his royal activities, and to integrate spiritual values into his daily life. In this respect, his advice is still of special interest to those who wish to cultivate a religious practice while continuing to live and work in society.

The commentary accompanying N��g��rjuna's epistle was composed by Venerable Rendawa, Zh��n-nu Lo-dr��. This famous scholar hailed"Sa-sKya" monastery in north central Tibet. During the initial period of their relationship, he served as a teacher to the renowned Tsong-Khapa, later, they instructed each other. Rendawa's commentary is quite clear and simple, and suitable for all levels of students.


146 pages

ISBN 81-85102-01-5

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