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Salt Lamp Rough 1 to 15kg
  • Salt Lamp Rough 1 to 15kg
  • Salt Lamp Rough 1 to 15kg

Salt Lamp Rough 1 to 15kg


Salt lamps emit a naturally beautiful glow and give you the ‘feel good factor’.

They improve air quality by emitting negative ions similar to being by the ocean or the freshness of the air after a thunderstorm. They help clean-up air pollution and neutralise electro-magnetic stress that comes from computers and electrical appliances.

Salt is a natural dehumidifier as it draws moisture – by leaving your lamp on all the time it will filter the air and help keep your environment healthy. 

Himalayan salt crystals were formed from a primal ocean over 250 million years ago are prized for its energy giving minerals and trace elements. 

We recommend you keep your salt lamp on all the time for the best effect and to avoid seeping moisture.

Our salt lamps are sold by weight and vary in shape and colour.

These Salt Lamps sit on a hardwood base. Dimmer lead and light bulb included. 

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