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Becoming Enlightened

Becoming Enlightened

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You do not have to duffer. You cam breakfree from the past. You can enjoy a wonderful future.

In this thoughtful and essential book, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, offers a series of practical tools to each and every one of us further along the path to enlightenment. Here, he guides us through a process founded in ancient Buddhist wisdowm that will help us make sense of our lives today.

In 'Becoming Enlightened' he shows us how to free urselves from the cycle of suffering that torments so many, and how to deal with any negative emotions we may encounter along the way. We can learn how to broaden our outlook, adjust our personal values, and find our true place in the world. By following the steps in this inspiring work, we may come to know for ourselves that the true nature of happiness, and advance in our journey to complete enlightenment.

"A symbol of serenity, a spiritual leader" - Independant

"The Dalai Lama is the most influential person in the world" - Time Magazine

"He draws crowds that no other spiritual leader or politician could hope to match..he seems to look at life in a different way to everyone else" - The Times

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