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Activating Bodichitta and Meditation on Compassion

Activating Bodichitta and Meditation on Compassion

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Activating Bodhichitta

There is no more powerful mind than bodhichitta. There is no more joyous mind than bodhichitta. For the accomplishment of ones own ultimate purpose, the awakening mind is supreme, and to accomplish the purpose of all other living beings there is nothing superior to bodhichitta. The awakening mind is the unsurpassable way to collect merit. To purify obstacles bodhichitta is supreme. It is the unique, all-encompassing method. Every kind of ordinary and supra-mundane power can be accomplished through bodhichitta. Thus, it is absolutely precious. Even though we personally may find difficulty in immediate and thorough generation of such a mind, we should atleast direct our thoughts towards it. To rain our mind in such an ultimately altruistic manner from the very beginning of our practise of Dharma is very important.

"The inseparability of the Spiritual Master and Avalokiteshvara: A source of all powerful attainments."

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