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Beginning Mindfulness - Learning The Way Of Awareness

Beginning Mindfulness - Learning The Way Of Awareness

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Knowing that most people do not stop their lives to engage in spiritual practise, Buddhist teacher Andrew Weiss has always taught the direct application of practise to daily life. While also teaching sitting and walking meditation, he emphasizes mindfulness - the practise of seeinf every action as an opportunity to awaken meditative inquiry. Over the yars, Andrew has honed his teachings into an effective ten-week course with progressive steps and home-play assignment. Beginning Minfulness is intended for anyone practising in daily life without the luxury of long meditation retreats. Weiss skillfully blends the traditions of his teachers into an easy and humourous programme of learning the Buddhists art of mindfulness.

"Clear, accesible, helpful, good teaching to start one on the path of mindfulness: - Jack Kornfield

"A beautiful book... Andrew's deep understanding of mindfulness is steeped in his own experience over many years of practise, so every word rings true." - Robert M. Alter, author of 'How long till my soul gets it right?"

"Although mindfullness meditation was originally a Busshist practise, it can be taught in a way that will help any interested person. Andrew Weiss's new book on mindulness meditation is a gem. It is clear and comprehensive, a superb contribution to the subject." - Larry Rosenberg, founder of the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center and author of "Breath by breath"

A down-to-earth manual on how to apply mindfulness to practical, concrete situations of daily life...a lovely, delightful book" - Mu Soeng, director, Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

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