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Essence of Superfine Gold

Essence of Superfine Gold

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The Essence of Superfine Gold: a guide on stages of the paths to enlightenment - The Third Dalai Lama - Translated by Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam


The Essence of Superfine Gold is the most famous literary composition of the Third Dalai Lama (1543-1588). If is a comprehensive commentary on Je Tsongkhapa's (1357-1419) A Song of Experience which is the seminal guide on the Stages of the path to Enlightenment of the Beings of Three Capacities. Although brief, this text summarizes the three principal paths of the teachings of the Shakyamuni Buddha.


Also included in this volume is Je Tsongkhapa's A Song of Experience, plus a brief biography of the Third Dalai Lama and the relevant Tibetan texts for both teachings.



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