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Fragrant Cloud Smokeless Incense

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Sandal of a quality once reserved for kings. 240 sticks, approx. 25 mins burning time. An exquisitely soft and pure Sandalwood incense created from the world's finest Mysore Sandalwood. This patented smokeless formula emits only the true fragrance with no tar or "wood-fire" smell. Perfect for meditation.

Traditionally Japanese incenses are made from a range of natural wood barks, resins and spices. These ingredients are blended with inert woods, normally cedars, that add little fragrance but do give the sticks some solidity. A plant resin, Mako, is then added during the manufacturing process to bind everything together. In smokeless incenses charcoal / carbon and other natural ingredients are added in the manufacturing process. These ingredients give the incense a more smokeless quality.This charcoal base also gives these incense sticks their black colour. When burnt these sticks give off very little smoke that is barely visible or if visible looks more like a faint vapour than smoke.