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Nagarjuna's a Drop of Nourishment for People

Nagarjuna's a Drop of Nourishment for People

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Nagarjuna's a Drop of Nourishment for People and its commentary The Jewel Ornament - Translated by Dr. Stanley Frye


A drop of nourishment for people by Nagarjuna and its commentary 'The Jewel Ornament' provides a very fascinating reading of Karma in the theory and practise of Buddhist philosophy. Through numerous fables and legends that are at once delightful and frightening, the text and its commentary reveals the impermanent nature of Samsara and prompts the reader towards the Buddhist ideals of Nirvana. Not only adults but children will also enjoy and benefit by reading 'A Drop of Nourishment' and especially its commentary 'The Jewel Ornament' which delves into the world of fables, fairy-tales and legends to bring home the Buddhist message of love, compassion and kindliness to all sentient beings.

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