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Natural Resin Patchouli Amber

Natural Resin Patchouli Amber

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30 gram Song of India resin in tin jar. Patchouli Oil in Sandalwood Powder. Patchouli attracts love, psychic protection, reinforces the power of invocations, develops sensuality, increases the art of pleasing and seducing, aphrodisiac, to relax and soothe moods and body, suppresses anger and jealousy. Fertility. Amber is a shield against negative waves, stimulating. Symbolises solar, spiritual and divine attraction. Bring power and strength to a ritual of power. Divination, clairvoyance (opening of the 3rd eye), vitality, masculine sexuality, amplifies and fixes the magic vibrations, calms the anxiety, attracts the abundance, calm and harmony the body and the soul, conducive to the dreams, inspires the emotions of love and friendship.

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