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Opening the Door of Your Heart

Opening the Door of Your Heart

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Opening the door of your heart & other Buddhist Tales of happiness - Ajahn Brahm

Modern tales of happiness, compassion and love that will both enlighten and entertain.

Busy hours. Busy days. Busy lives. Obligations, relationships and worries. This is daily life for so many of us. We know we need to slow down, to introduce mindfulness to our lives, maybe even to meditate, But how do we know where to start? To open the door of your heart is to take the first step.Β 

This collection of pl;ayful parables explores subjects such as hope, suffering, forgiveness, wisdom and unconditional love. They will make you laugh, move you and start you on your path.

These tales have been gathered over thirty years by Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm, who lives in Australia; they have enlightened and inspired hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide.

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