Organic Goodness Wax Melts Patchouli Vanilla

Organic Goodness Wax Melts Patchouli Vanilla


A warm oriental patchouli vanilla scent.

All-natural wax melts are made from soy wax and scented with essential oils.
Each packet is approx. 40 grams, made up of 7 to 8 pieces of wax melts.
Handmade in India with ethically sourced wax, they are nontoxic and have a long burn time.

Directions: Place a wax melt in an aromatherapy oil burner.
Light a tea light candle beneath and enjoy the aroma.
Once done, simply wipe the burner clean for the next time.

Organic Goodness is a brand which prides itself in being environmentally friendly with no animal by-products. Each purchase helps support over 10,000 families in India, providing schooling for children, transportation, uniforms, stationery, extra tuition when needed, medical care and any other items required to help those children prosper in their individual visions.


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