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The Thirty Seven Bodhisattva Practices

The Thirty Seven Bodhisattva Practices

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The Thirty-Seven Bodhisattva Practices - Thogme Zangpo

This booklet contains the bi-langual rendering of the Thirty-Seven Bodhisattva Practicesï (Rgyal-sras lag-len so-bdun-ma) by Thogme Zangpo (Thogs-med bzang-po, 1295-1369). The first Eglish translation of this pithy Mahayana text was published iin 1975, and a revised edotion was published in 1985.

In this edition the original translation has been retained which is more a commentary in the form of poetry than a literal rendition for the benefit of the general reader.

By: Thogme Zangpo, translated by Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey, Sharpa Tulku, Khamlung Tulku, Alexander Berzin and Jonathan Landaw


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