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The Essence of Nectar

The Essence of Nectar

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The Essence of Nectar - Yeshe Tsondu

The "The Essence Of Nectar" (Lam-rim-bdud-rtzi snying-po), an extensive prayer written by Yeshe Tsondru, an incarnate Lama of the Gelung tradition, is a poetic supplement of the "Great Exposition of the Graded Path" (Lam-rim cheno-mo) written by the founder of the Gelug tradition, Je Tsong-k'a-pa (1357-1419). Such teachings were progmulgated by Buddha Shakyamuni in the 5th century B.C. and subsequently transmitted through a succession of realised Indian and Tibetan masters. In this work, Yeshe Tsondru eloquently synthesizes all the coget points of the progressive meditations leading to the awakening of a buddha; the complete eradication of suffering and the attainment of all wholesome spiritual qualities. In the process he draws examples from various facets of life in order that one may enrich one's meditations on the "Graded Path" and easily apply the practises to the development of ones thought and conduct.

This English translation, completed under the supervision of Geshe Lobsang Tharchin, a master of Tsong K'a-pa's tradition, brings out the beauty and poetic flavour of the original work. The comprehensive notes and glossary provide valuable information on the technical terms used and also reveal hidden points of the text, thereby making this synopsis of the complete path to Buddhahood open to many.Β 

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